Misc. Seabee Pins & Rate Pins

Misc. Seabee Pins & Rate Pins
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Choose your style of pin and show your pride.

All of our pins are first quality and feature fired on enamel decoration.

Pin A is a FULL COLOR enameled FIGHTING BEE pin offered in two size: a LARGE 1 1/2 inches in diameter pin and a SMALLER 1-inch in diameter.

Pin B is 1 1/8 inches in diameter with a 24K gold plated wreath around the Bee.

Pin C Seabee Combat Badge in small 1 1/2-inch size in pewter for enlisted. Also available in a large 2-inch enlisted pewter badge. Please, only order if qualified to wear this insignia.

Pin D This Pweter Fighting Bee is perfect to dress up your cap or for a female Seabee to wear as a pin.

Pin E reads LIFE MEMBER and is for all Seabee Veterans of America members who hold life member status.

Finally, we offer enamel SEABEE RATE PINS for all the current rates. These are perfect to dress up a cap. We carry COLOR enamel over 24K gold plate : BU - Builder, CE - Construction Electrician, CM - Construction Mechanic, EA - Engineering Aide, EO - Equipment Operator, this pin half size. The gold EO pin is a raised relief, cut-out insignia not a round pin. UT - Utilitiesman, SW - Steelworker.

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We also carry other pins in qualities too small to list. If you are looking for a special pin, email or call us.

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